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We are a small press imprint specializing in books and chapbooks of poetry, art and fiction expressing the wonders of existence through the illusions of magic and the facts of the world(s) around us.

NEW! As of May 2016 we are happy to present a chapbook of marvelous flash fiction and verse entitled "Living in a Bubble and Other Stories." Written by M. A. Fink (author of our novel "The Found Diary of Avery Alexander Myer") and featuring full page illustrations by artist Valen LaRae, this slim chapbook nevertheless packs in five prose short short stories and one "mystery in verse!"

Although we are not accepting unsolicited submissions at this time, we may in the future. Check our "Submissions" link for news and guidelines.

Finally, the definition of "magical realism" has changed over the years. To learn what we mean by it, check out "What is Magical Realism" on the right.

For general questions, contact us at inquiriesATtornadoskin.com.

To contact the editor, use editorATtornadoskin.com.