Art and Artists We Like

Logo of Tornado Skin Press

The surreal art of Gromyko Semper. The amazing Mr. Semper created the sketches in our book The Found Diary of Avery Alexander Myer. The link goes to his Deviant Art account.

Kate Reed, graphic designer. Ms. Reed did the layout, cover artwork, and cover design for The Found Diary. She does many other things, including some amazing sculptures.

We wish we published Dean Francis Alfar. We don't. That shouldn't stop you from reading the works of this prolific author, editor and playwright. We recommend How to Traverse Terra Incognita and The Kite of Stars and other stories.

The art and poetry of J. Karl Bogartte. Mr. Bogartte is another we wish we published. The link goes to his Wordpress blog.

And how about these T-shirts with our logo on them: Tornado Skin Press.